Is Panamax MR4000 8 Outlet Home Theater worth it?

The power management of Panamax MR4000 8 outlet home theatre is designed to provide the protected and filtered power to your sweet home theatre system. The Panamax MR is a product family that offers several layers of surge protection. Many questions are raised before you understand overall about Panamax MR4000 8 Outlet home theatre. Mainly, you have a doubt whether the Panamax MR4000 8 outlet Home theatre worth it? No doubt, it is 100 per cent worth for your convenience. Panamax patented the technology of Automatic Voltage Monitoring (AVM) that continuously monitors the incoming power.

It automatically turned off whether it displayed an under-voltage or over-voltage flashing red lightning bolt. When the voltage returns to the safe level then it automatically connects to the power equipment. The protection of ultra-fast circuitry is to complete the products equipment from a surge such as lightning. The Panamax are permanently disconnected ac power to equipment when it is overwhelmed with an event of extreme catastrophic. You can see the Panamax MR4000 8 outlets Home theatre pros and cons before you buy it. Mostly, the Panamax provides good quality effects to your home theatre. Here are the features of Panamax home theatre:

Safe power and Filtration Indicator

The indication of the home theatre should always be lighted and it is an indication that flows safely to an AC power into the components of a connected system. The home theatre system indicator is to let you know the level of safety.

Front panel convenience outlet

Imagine the ease of plugging in appliances or personal electronics for the temporary usage without having a mess around with the wire chunks at the back panel.

power equipment

Exclusive Automatic Voltage Monitoring(AVM)

The AVM will constantly monitor the conditions for unsafe power and there are poses that are a damage threat to the connected devices and the power to electronics are momentarily cut off. An indicator light in Home theatre will also be shown at the first panel. The condition of power returns to the normal range then the power to an outlet will reconnect.

Noise filtration

With the level of 2 noise filtration that there will be an enhancement in the quality of image and sound. If you are watching the high definition movies at that time, you will have to experience noticeable differences.

These are certain things that you need to know about the Panamax MR4000 8 outlets home theatre worth it. Now you have a clear knowledge about the Panamax MR, choose the best one like Panamax MR4000 8 outlet Home theatre.


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