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The Bluetooth speaker is a handy accessory; you can connect it from Smartphone or laptop. It comes in all sorts of sizes and shapes and it includes many different kinds of features that are more important to do before you buy the one. Some Bluetooth speakers have the best features like FM tuners, speakerphones and USB charging. Before you buy the Bluetooth speaker, you need to consider the features of the Bluetooth speaker. If you do not have a clear knowledge about its features don’t worry. Here are some standout features of Bluetooth speaker.

A version of a Bluetooth speaker

The Bluetooth version is determined by audio transmission quality and distance that you can keep between your phone and speaker. You need to buy the current version of Bluetooth speaker in these modern worlds. Bluetooth speakers can do support for a low energy profile and good battery life. It improves the rate and range of data transmission, but there is time before you see the speaker adopting its standards.

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Rechargeable battery

The portable Bluetooth speaker features an internal rechargeable battery and it adds to energy efficiency and convenience. Most Bluetooth speaker features include rechargeable lithium polymer with 12 hours run time on a full charge. Users can use the Bluetooth speaker without worrying about changing the batteries.


For any speakers, a driver is a heart and you can get a decently sized driver. The most speakers will have a 40mm driver and it is a good size to start. If you are considering the bigger drivers then you need to expect the speaker overall size to increase too. The number of drivers and driver placement also make a difference in how a speaker sounds. Many Bluetooth speakers also have twin driver setup that tends to be noticeably louder.

Water resistance

If your clients like to take their Bluetooth speaker to the pool or beach, the water-resistant is the best insurance for protecting their Bluetooth speakers. Most people are choosing the water-resistant Bluetooth speaker because it is the best choice for you to keep your Bluetooth speaker for a long time.

Charging style

Having the Bluetooth speaker with standard USB charging port is a bonus convenience, when you are visiting your friends or relatives homes and do not have bundled cable with you. Nowadays, the speakers are stuck to a USB port and it makes to charge with power banks too.

These are standout features of Bluetooth speakers; I hope that you have a clear knowledge about the Bluetooth speaker. Before you buy the one, you need to consider these steps.


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